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Roots, Trunks. Branches And Leaves

I would like to take a moment to give thanks to all my family that I bugged mercilessly from information. However I would like to give special thanks to a few that I either drove nuts or went out of their way to help me.

Bob, my other half, for helping me with the website finer points. But mostly for his patience and understanding when the house looked like a paper snowstorm.

Georgia Mike, my mom, for wearing out her truck to bring me information and other assorted things regarding this project. She is one of my best supporters.

Wilma, my aunt, who I know asked me just about as many questions as I asked her. Probably she asked me more. Also for the family photos she let me scan. I wish she could have seen this project come this far. May she Rest In Peace.

Bessie, my aunt, she is the one I blame this project on. Little did I know that from a copy of a copy of a will and some old family photos would this project grow. Hope she knows how much fun and how many headaches she gave me.

Genna Faye, my cousin. I met Genna online while doing research on my ggrandparents. Genna shared her COOK research and photos with me.

Alta, my aunt, whom, I seen last when I was only just a twig myself. She took an out of the blue phone call from me and helped me with the HALL branch.

Linda, my cousin, I have never met and responded to a letter from a very long lost cousin. Linda has giving me lots of information on the HALL and ENNIS branches.

This is an ongoing project. I am sure there will be more thanks to be handed out. I feel that this is a family project and very much appreciate everyone that has helped and will continue to help me with it.

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